This website can be also used for photo exchange. Moreover you can customize privacy settings for each one of your photograph albums. As soon as you submit a new album, you will see the Photo bookmark on your page.

1. Go to Photo bookmark in order to browse your current photo albums. You can also use Photo emblem, situated in toolbar, in order to sight them.
2. You will see all uploaded photos, as well as photos on which you were marked.
3. In order to add a new album use Create Album.
4. Give a name to it, comment it and customize privacy options.
5. In order to save this album, snap on Create Album knob.
6. Mark photos that will be included in this album.
7. In order to upload selected photos, use Upload button.
8. Snap Album Privacy in order to customize privacy options.
9. After uploading albums you will see them on the screen.
10. Mark friends who will be able to observe your album.
11. Use Save Settings to finish the procedure.