Facebook Introduction

There is no doubt that all of your friends are registered on social network called Facebook. So do you want to stick together them but don’t know how? The following instructions will step-by-step help you how to post inscriptions on your friends’ walls in a moment.

Facebook is considered to be the biggest social network on the internet. At the moment Facebook contains nearly 70 million abusers. With Facebook you can find people and communicate with them as well as share photos and videos. On top of this, usage of Facebook for business networking becomes popular with many people.

The majority of companies with online availability prefer to employ Facebook for their professional purposes. Specially for this kind of users, Facebook provides RSS feeds and Twitter. Moreover Facebook is a platform for numerous online marketing strategies, and therefore users can visit other websites using their Facebook logins and passwords.

Recently Facebook brought in an exclusive offering – Fan Pages. However they are more intended for particular content instead of personal or entertaining meaning. The title “Fan Pages” does not have to mean that these pages are devoted to some kind of rock band or screen actor. Fan Pages can be also designed for anything, including online storages. The number of businesses that use Fan Pages to attract users is constantly increasing with greater and greater force.

Useful Hints

1. During registration input your crucial e-mail in order to receive announcements.
2. Make sure of customizing your personal options.
3. Set your photographs and personal information with awareness as your boss can visit your page.
4. Find you existing friends; however don’t forget to search for you old acquaintance, classmates, and etc.
5. Enjoy using this social network.

Chatting with Your Friends

By the virtue of Facebook Chat you are able to communicate with people. You can check how many friends are online by clicking on the Friends Online knob situated in the low right part of the page.

1. A green point close to a friend indicates that s/he is active, while moon signify that the friend is currently out.
2. In order to chat with a friend, snap on his/her name.
3. You will see the Chat Window.
4. In order to send a message that you have typed, push the Enter button.
5. You will see your friend’s answer within the same window.
6. Snap on the X emblem situated in the upper right edge of the screen when you are going to finish a conversation.

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