If there is no existing group that you would like to join or you could not have found it, than you can create a group devoted to particular interests.

1. Snap on the Groups emblem on the toolbar.
2. You will see the Group page, on which the groups that you are part of and your friends’ groups are shown.
3. Use the Create a New Group knob in order to form a new group.
4. Give a name to this group (title should explain the idea of this group)
5. Choose the type of Network for it. In the case if you want to make this group generally accessible, choose Global. In the case if you want to make this group accessible for a specific network only, choose the Network.
6. In the description field compose a short explanation of this group.
7. Choose the category of this group in order to simplify the searching process for other users.
8. Input fresh news, office, e-mail, street and town.
9. To create this group, snap the Create Group knob.
10. Since that moment you will see Customize Groups bookmark on your page.
11. Snap on the Browse knob and choose a picture for your group.
12. Input the webpage address for this community.
13. Mark settings that you want to enable.
14. Choose the appropriate Level of Access. In the case if you choose Open, any person is able to become a member of your group without your authorization. If you choose Close, the approvement will be necessary for becoming a member of your group.
15. Save changes by pressing the Save knob.
16. From this moment you will see The Members bookmark.
17. In order to attract new members, input their names in the Invite Member field.
18. Input invitation letter.
19. Snap on the Send Invitations knob in order to send letters.