Here you are able to supervise people who can find you through the search engine.

1. You can set your search privacy options if you do not want searching results to show your profile to every user of Facebook.
2. In order to choose particular networks that will be able to observe your page, click on Customize and choose particular networks.
3. Go to Search Result Content part to adjust the information that will be available on search result when somebody inputs your name in Search engine.
4. In the case if you would like to let people who are not in your friends list to see your friends, confirm that the My Friends list choice is preferred.
5. You can also refuse your presence in searching process beyond this website, disabling the Create a Public Search Listing choice. Additionally, you will not be listed in the Public Search if your age is lower than 18 years.
6. Snap the Save Changes button when you have completed setting up your search privacy options.