Friends are those people, who are situated in your list of friends; they can observe your profile, see your current status, and obtain information about you from news feed. In order to search for friends, add them or invite to join Facebook, go to Friends  bookmark. Usually majority of users agree to add new friends to the list of contacts if they know them in real-life. Before you gain access to the profile information of someone, you need to “offer him a friendship” and only after his agreement you will be able to do it.


In order to read private messages received from your friends, as well as write them, click on Inbox button. Messages are used in the case when people want to personally communicate with each other.

1. In order to write a message use Compose New Message from the Inbox menu
2. Input name of a receiver, subject, and the substance of your message
3. Press Send button to mail a message
4. In order to read received messages, choose View Message