In the case if you have freshly registered your profile and already affixed friends, you will see the Info bookmark. In the event if you logged out before customizing your profile, go to View than Edit Profile in order to input profile information.

1. Input your initial information
2. If you refuse your year of birth to be shown, than choose Show only month and date from the box beneath the birthday section
3. In bookmarks Education, Personal, and Contact Information input the proper data
4. If you would like to hide a particular information, than do not input it in the blank
5. Before proceeding to the next part, by all means, click on the Save Changes button after you have finished this
6. To set up your avatar push the Upload Profile Picture button and indicate the path to the photo you would like to be displayed
7. Tell something interesting about yourself in Write Something about yourself section
8. In order to save this profile information snap on the Done Editing button after you have fully completed its filling