At Facebook you can join groups based on the same believes or likings such as community for persons who go to the same house of worship, or like the same music, and etc. It is important to note that there are business groups that will help you with professional purposes. You can consist in up to three hundred groups. In addition you can form your own groups.

1. Snap on the Groups emblem situated on the toolbar.
2. You will see the Group page, on which the groups that you are part of and your friends’ groups are shown.
3. In order to become a member of a group that your friends belong to, choose it and then press Join Group.
4. From this moment you are a part of this group.
5. To search for a desirable group, input a content word related to this group in the searching field.
6. You will see matched groups according to the keyword that you have entered.
7. In order to join a group, use the Join Group button.