Networks allow you to communicate with people from your home town, who studied with you at the same college, school, or university, and etc. You can consist in up to 5 networks with 1 set as a primary. The primary is allocated beneath your name. In addition Facebook utilizes the main network to grade the searching results. In order to join a specific network you must register your profile using an e-mail applicably related to a particular institution. For instance, you must use college e-mail or to become a member of your school network you must use school e-mail, be accepted or attracted by any member of this network. Important note, you can change your district network two times every 2 months.

1. Go to Account Settings from the Setting section.
2. Snap on Network and you will see all current networks in which you consist.
3. Input the city, college, area, or place of employment in the searching field.
4. Choose an appropriate network you want to unite with and press Join Network.