Since you are a member of Facebook you can see the Find Friends button on the right, click on it in order to find and add friends.

You can search for friends who are registered on this website by imputing friend’s name, or similar attribute (college, job, and etc.)

1. In order to find a friend who is recorded on Facebook, input his/her name in the Search field and push the Enter button.
2. Use Friend Finder in order to find your colleague or classmate. You will be directed to the page titled “The Find People You Know on Facebook”. You will see a catalog of schools and employers in the Search for People part. Snap on the employer or school you are interested in.
3. You will see people who coincide with the criteria you are looking for.
4. Press Add as Friend in order to annex person to your list of friends.
5. Use Add a Personal Message in the case if you want to write him a personal message.
6. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.