In order to find people who you communicate with via instant messenger use Find Friends You Instant Message.

1. Choose the appropriate messenger, whether Windows Live Messenger or AIM
2. Input your name and AIM password
3. Press the Find Friends button

Some internet pagers may direct you to their instant message website and require inputting your password on their page. Majority of e-mail providers demand your agreement that gives Facebook an admission to your instant message profile.

4. The result of search displays all people who you chat with and are signed up on Facebook website.
5. Mark each friend you would like to add.
6. Press Select All Friends to select all friends on the screen.
7. In order to move on to the next list of friends snap on the Skip button.
8. Use Add as Friends to affix marked friends.
9. After this procedure notification e-mails will be sent to each of people you would like to add. After their approvement you will see them in your friends list.