Toolbar was created to simplify navigation through Facebook.

You may click on Facebook Button every time you would like to return to homepage. Several bookmarks situated at the top of the page will ease your traveling through your page. On default there are five bookmarks that appear after signup.

1. News Feed. This bookmark informs you about all events related to actions of your friends, such as when they leave new posts and writes on walls, or add new friends. Besides you are able to filter the quantity of news that you obtain.
2. Status Update. This bookmark let you know about statuses that your friends post.
3. Photos. This bookmark images photo albums that your friends have. However you are able to browse only those albums that are allowed by users in accordance to privacy settings.
4. Posted Items. This bookmark notifies you about all messages posted by your friends.
5. Live Feed. This bookmark informs you about your friend’s actions, such as new friends they have added, status they have set, and members of what group they have become.

Moreover you are able to add bookmarks to taste. So as to do it, you need to:

1. Click on the cursor at the rightmost of the bookmarks
2. Choose the suitable feeds that you want to be imaged on your bookmarks from the dropdown list box.