You can view or edit your profile information whenever you want. In order to do it you just need to click on the Profile button. A profile is a site for sharing information (messages, photos, etc.) with your friends. At Facebook you can make your profile public accessible so that every user could browse your page or limit your profile so that only friends could visit your personal space. In addition you are able to detect people who have visited your profile. You can also prohibit displaying of exact information for specific friends.

On default there are 4 tabs displayed on your page. They are:

1. Wall – shows text or graphical messages left by your friends. In order to quickly answer them you can use Wall-to-Wall.
2. Info – maps your profile information. In order to edit it, use Edit Information
3. Photos – images photos that you have
4. Videos – shows video clips that you have

Additionally, you are able to append extra tabs:

1. Snap on the “+” button at the rightmost edge of the tabs
2. Choose the appropriate applet from the dropdown list box.